TVs have become an integral part of human life, making it more comfortable and interesting thanks to its ever-expanding possibilities.

At present , kinescopes’ TVs are practically replaced by  plasma model LED and LCD TVs.

At our plant also LCD and LED –TVs are produced  and presented by a number of items with a diagonal of 22 to 50 inches and are constantly being improved  its performance, trying to keep up with foreign manufacturers.

In the conditions of dynamically developing world, the purchase of the TV - it's not just the purchase of an accessory in the interior, but also a lot of opportunities, permitting to monitor the world events, watching movies and just to spend time at home in a comfortable way.             

Basic technical specification of TVs, which determine the quality of the image and may be important for the user - screen size, screen resolution, brightness, contrast, response time, viewing angle, comply with the requirements of today's consumers, and thus confirming that the Belarusian producers are not inferior to a good foreign producers.

TVs HORIZONT - it's a good design, the optimal price, warranty and excellent quality.

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