The Multi – cooker is a universal kitchen machine that cooks in fried, boiled, steamed and baked way, and also has the capability of cooking with the help of steam.

The Multi-cooker Horizont is distinguished with the rich equipment, 5-liter bowl with non-stick coating, plastic body with elements of stainless, 16 cooking functions, beautiful design, functionality, ease of care and use.

A special handle, which is made from a material which does not heat, will easily help you to move the multi- cooker, and the presence of a sealed valve will protect you from oil or hot steam escaping clubs.

In addition, there is a pleasant surprise of the multi- cookers in various colors: gold, black and universal silver.

Everyone can find the multi- cooker, which will not just be a universal helper, but also will ideally enter into the kitchen interior.

The multi – cookers of  brand HORIZONT save your energy and time, preserve the useful qualities of the products, they  are safe and perfect solution for fast and comfortable cooking tasty and useful food.

Any technique is not perfect, just need to find something that will help make your life better. 

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